Zinc oxide, feed grade




Feed grade (GMP+) won by the direct process with 72, 75, 78 or 80% zinc (Zn).



Zinc oxide is a chemical combination of zinc and oxygen. Depending on the quality, it is produced in the French/indirect process out of pure zinc or in the American/direct process out of zinc ashes of the galvanic industry.

Our zinc oxide in feed quality is a grey to ochre or a light white powder, depending on the manufacturing process.

Our customers use zinc oxide as feed additive 3b603, for instance. Besides other trace elements, zinc plays an important role in the metabolism of animals.



bulk, big bags, 25 kg bags.



The shelf life is limited. It depends on temperature, humidity, and light exposure. Store only in original sealed packaging.



Usually available at short notice.

Name: Zinc oxide, feed grade
EC-name: Zinc oxide
IUPAC Name: Zinc oxide
Chemical Formula: ZnO
Molecular Forma: OZn
CAS-No.: 1314-13-2
EC-No.: 215-222-5
Hazard statements: GHS: Attention


UN-No.: 3077

Transport Class: 9

Packaging Group: III

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EC-name: Zinc oxide

EC-No.: 215-222-5

CAS-No.: 1314-13-2

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