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Tropag is the company to be contacted when special metal alloys or high-grade chemical products are needed. Our purchasing team is facing many challenges -    our aim is to provide special raw products, which can only be obtained with great difficulty, and chemical primary and intermediate products, which meet the requirements of the processing industries. Tropag acts as a link and technical consultant for suppliers and producers on the one side and users on the other.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Köster, Petra Lübbers, Michael Walter

We celebrate service anniversary!

We are very pleased that we were able to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our colleague Petra Lübbers in January.

A lot has changed in the past 30 years. All the more we appreciate the extraordinary commitment of Petra Lübbers, who has met the constantly increasing challenges with great care over the past three decades and has thus contributed a lot to the success of our company.

Petra Lübbers is a fabulous colleague and highly valued contact person for our customers and business partners.

We wish her all the best in her private and professional life and look forward to a continued successful cooperation.

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Tropag awarded the Ecovadis silver medal

Tropag was awarded the Silver Level rating by the global sustainability assessment platform EcoVadis.
Overall, we rank in the top 6% of companies rated by Ecovadis in the wholesale of chemical, fertilizer, agrochemical and other products. In the areas of labor & human rights and ethics, the auditors even placed us in the top 4% of our industry. Compared to our last (and first) rating, we were able to increase our rating by around 85%.
This score reflects Tropag's commitment to sustainability and transparency. This gives our customers the confidence that they are protected from the risks of the upstream supply chain and shows our stakeholders that we act on all issues of sustainability.
EcoVadis is a collaborative platform that provides sustainability assessments and performance improvement tools for global supply chains.
As part of the EcoVadis methodology, the guidelines and measures of the companies and their published reports are evaluated in relation to the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. The EcoVadis methodology is based on the international sustainability standards of the Global Reporting Initiative, the Global Compact (UNGC) of the United Nations and ISO 26000.

We celebrate service anniversary!

In this month, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our colleague Kristina Martins.
"Service Anniversary" - that sounds a bit out of time. And indeed, such long periods of time at one and the same job are no longer a reality for a majority of working people today. Especially short-lived times it's nice to have fellow combatants who stand by for a long time.
Kristina Martins represents untiring commitment and great reliability. For our customers and suppliers she is always a competent contact person. She is a fabulous colleague and we wish her good health and all the best for her continued work in our company.

Did you know?

That TROPAG does not only offer logistic solutions, but also takes care of customs handling, packing / repacking, financing / foreign currency management and many other issues?



That beryllium-metall after CORAP and RMOA evaluation of German BAuA is no SVHC acc. to REACH and also no authorisation or restriction is required?

As one of the services Tropag also offers now the grinding of certain materials for fine, uniform particles in accordance to customer’s requirements!