Strontium ferrite



This is a black powder with a grain size of e.g. 1.6 - 3 microns (measured according to Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer - FSSS). The density is approx. 4.94 g / cm3.

The magnetic properties are measured, for example, as follows:

  • Flux density / induction / remanence Br: 1350 - 1850 Gs (Gauss)
  • Magnetization / Coercive Force HCi: 1100 - 2070 Oe (Oersted)
  • Magn. Energy density BHmax. 0.62 - 0.73 MGOe

(all based on a calendered, plastic-bonded magnetic foil)


Other units of measurements are:

  • Flux density Tesla / Millitesla (T / mT),
  • Magnetization amperes per meter (a / m) as well as for the
  • Energy density Joule per cubic meter (J / m3)



Hard magnetic materials, also commonly referred to as permanent magnets, have a high coercive force and are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, e.g. in electric motors. The annual consumption of hard magnetic materials is a multiple of soft magnetic materials.

Barium ferrite powders were largely substituted by strontium ferrite powder. The latter are pressed into ceramic magnets and sintered or bound in a plastic matrix in order to extrude, calender or process them by injection molding.



Sacks, big bags or in the silo vehicle


Store in closed containers, dry and ventilated rooms for a long time.


On demand

Name: Strontium Ferrite Powder
EC-name: dodecairon strontium nonadecaoxide
IUPAC Name: distrontium; iron(3+); oxygen(2-)
Chemical Formula: SrFe12O19
Molecular Forma: Fe12O19.Sr
CAS-No.: 12023-91-5
EC-No.: 234-685-4
Hazard statements:

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EC-name: dodecairon strontium nonadecaoxide

EC-No.: 234-685-4

CAS-No.: 12023-91-5

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