Manganese dioxide, EMD




Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD) is available in different qualities and grain sizes:

  • MnO2 1060 (MnO2 ca. 95%)
  • MnO2 HPMX (MnO2 ca. 96%, grain size 4µm)
  • MnO2 HPX (MnO2 ca. 98%, grain size 3µm - 8µm)
  • MnO2 HP (MnO2 ca. 99%)
  • MnO2 VHP (Beta Phase MnO2 ca. 99%)
  • MnO2 CIR 189 (MnO2 ca. 90%, grain size approx. 0,25mm - 0,85mm)



Compared to natural manganese ore (NMD) or CMD (Chemical Manganese Dioxide), EMD (Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide) consists of MnO2 produced by electrolysis. With the crystalline structure, the manganese dioxide, which has been elaborately obtained from ore, offers eg the best possible quality for the so-called primary batteries or dry cell batteries. (For example, alkaline batteries.)

The black powder is practically insoluble in water, and there is almost no reaction even with cold sulfuric or nitric acid.

In the electronics industry, EMD can be found et al. in varistors, thermistors and capacitors. In addition, in ferrites and as an oxygen supplier in oxidizing reactions. It is also used as an inorganic pigment and as well in the glass industry.

In drinking and mineral water treatment, manganese dioxide is listed in the list of processing and disinfecting methods according to §11 Drinking Water Ordinance (DIN EN 13752, manganese and iron removal).



In diverse angloamerican packing units depending on the quality, also partly in kg in bags, cardboard drums and big bags.





On demand.


Name: Manganese Dioxide (electrolytical, EMD)
EC-Name: manganese dioxide
IUPAC Bezeichnung: dioxomanganese
Chemische Formel: MnO2
Molekulare Formel: MnO2
CAS-Nr: 1313-13-9
EC-Nr.: 215-202-6
Gefahrenhinweise: GHS: Achtung



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