Tin granules




Tin granules is offered by us as a small Sn beads in different, defined diameters. See different proportions by weight, especially suitable in particular Mg or Cu-containing aluminum alloys, partly also alloyed with bismuth. Dieserart alloyed aluminum alloys are recommended typically chipbreaking properties and the renunciation of the use of lead. 



Tin, ca. 99.9%

Pb <300, diameter as 2-4 or 4-6 mm



Tin balls in drums or big bags



Like all metals and alloys for melting should Sn be stored dry.



Procurement is on request and, after finding and -legung the requirements, the delivery time can be up to 6 weeks


Name: Tin granules
EC-name: tin
IUPAC Name: tin
Chemical Formula: Sn
CAS-No.: 7440-31-5
EC-No.: 231-141-8
Hazard statements:

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EC-name: tin

EC-No.: 231-141-8

CAS-No.: 7440-31-5

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