Manganese (IV) oxide, CMD




MnO2 CMD is available with an Mn content atrating from approx. 60% (MnO2 approx. 90%) and different grain sizes, e.g .:

  • MnO2 O.G. / C.G. (MnO2 approx. 90%, grain size approx. 45 µm)
  • MnO2 1060 (MnO2 approx. 95%, grain size approx. 10-60 µm)
  • MnO2 HPMX (MnO2 approx. 96%, grain size approx. 4 µm)
  • MnO2 HPX (MnO2 approx. 98%, grain size approx. 3 µm - 8 µm)
  • MnO2 HP (MnO2 approx. 99%)
  • MnO2 VHP / VHPX (Beta phase MnO2 approx. 99%)



In contrast to natural manganese ore, CMD (Chemical Manganese Dioxide) consists of a precipitated MnO2, which is produced using different processes.

A brown-black powder remains, which is practically insoluble in water. Even with cold sulfuric or nitric acid, there is virtually no reaction.

However, the manganese or manganese dioxide content increases significantly with this process.

In the electronics industry, CMD can be found in varistors, thermistors and capacitors, among other things. In addition, also in ferrites and as an oxygen supplier in oxidizing reactions. It is also used as an inorganic pigment as well as in the glass industry.



25 kg bags (multi-ply) on pallets of 1.000kg each.



The producer recommends a maximum storage time of 12 months provided that it is stored in closed storage rooms at a temperature of 20 °C and ± 80 % relative humidity (in original, closed packaging).



Delivery time on request.


Name: Synthetic Manganese Dioxide (chemically precipitated)
EC-name: manganese dioxide
IUPAC Name: dioxomanganese
Chemical Formula: MnO2
Molecular Forma: MnO2
CAS-No.: 1313-13-9
EC-No.: 215-202-6
Hazard statements: GHS: Attention



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