Manganese oxide

MnO technical



Technical, high purity quality with a Manganese content of approximately 77% -78%.

Please also note our feed quality! 



In nature, manganese (II) oxide is present in the mineral manganosite, but it can also be produced, inter alia, by reduction of manganese (IV) oxide-containing ores with natural gas or coal at temperatures between 400 °C and 1000 °C.

It is a green, almost water-insoluble powder.

In the technical field, typical applications are in the catalysis, welding and battery industry, but also in surface coating (e.g., tri-cation phosphating). Manganese oxide is also used as a starting material for further manganese salts.



25 kg paper bags on pallets



The producer recommends a maximum storage time of 12 months, provided that the material stored in closed storage rooms at a temperature of 20 °C and ± 80 % relative humidity (in original, closed packaging)



Normally from stock or available at short notice.

Name: Manganous Oxide, technical
EC-name: manganese oxide
IUPAC Name: oxomanganese
Chemical Formula: MnO
Molecular Forma: MnO
CAS-No.: 1344-43-0
EC-No.: 215-695-8
Hazard statements:
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