Manganese oxide

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In nature, manganese (II) oxide is present in the mineral manganosite, but it can also be produced, inter alia, by reduction of manganese (IV) oxide-containing ores with natural gas or coal at temperatures between 400 °C and 1000 °C.

It is a green, almost water-insoluble powder.

In the technical field, typical applications are in the catalysis, welding and battery industry, but also in surface coating (e.g., tri-cation phosphating). Manganese oxide is also used as a starting material for further manganese salts.



In the technical field High Purity quality with approximately 77% -78% Mn


Please also note our feed quality!



25 kg paperbags on pallets



The producer recommends a maximum storage time of 12 months, provided that the material stored in closed storage rooms at a temperature of 20 °C and ± 80 % relative humidity (in original, closed packaging)



Normally from stock or available at short notice.

Name: Manganous Oxide, technical
EC-name: manganese oxide
IUPAC Name: oxomanganese
Chemical Formula: MnO
Molecular Forma: MnO
CAS-No.: 1344-43-0
EC-No.: 215-695-8
Hazard statements:

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EC-name: manganese oxide

EC-No.: 215-695-8

CAS-No.: 1344-43-0

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