Lithium Carbonate




We offer mainly matieral with Asian origin which is extracted from ore / spodumen    

Technical material with a purity of:

  • ca. 99% 
  • ca. 99,5%



Lithium Carbonare is the most important Lithium compound with an current strong increasing demand.

The first technical production took place in 1923 in Langelsheim with the typical application in the areas of aluminum production, glass (fireproof glasses), ceramic and enamel industry, (melting temperature), in the construction industry for the production of fast cement, tile adhesive and screed as well as in the pharmaceutics.          

Furthermore it is a basic material for numerous further lithium compounds, e.g Lithium Hydroxide.             

Currently there is an addional demand of the battery production, i.e. lithium ions battery of the Lithium-Colbalt-Oxide technology.

Either it is made from the lithium containing ores (spodumene) or from the so called brine.

One of the biggest, famous source for spodumene is Western Australia, for the brine it's mainly Southamerica, Salar de Atacama in Chile.  



25 kg bags on pallets



To be stored dry and well ventilated



Normally available in low quantities EXW.


Name: Lithium Carbonate
EC-name: lithium carbonate
IUPAC Name: dilithium carbonate
Chemical Formula: LiCO3
Molecular Forma: CH2O3.2Li
CAS-No.: 554-13-2
EC-No.: 209-062-5
Hazard statements: GHS: Attention


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EC-name: lithium carbonate

EC-No.: 209-062-5

CAS-No.: 554-13-2

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