Copper Nickel 70/30

CuNi 70/30



The copper content is approx. 70%, the nickel content approx. 30% and is also available in the ratio Cu with 80 or 90% and Ni 20 or 10%. It is manufactured according to EN 1981 or customer specifications.



This master alloy is used to produce copper-nickel alloys (for castings or wrought alloys), or to add nickel to other copper base alloys. Cu-Ni alloys are characterized by high strength and corrosion resistance, but not as good thermal and electrical conductivity as beryllium bronzes.



Plates of approx. 15 kg with typical dimensions 45x200x2-3 cm on pallets.



Store in a dry place



Is to be determined upon request, is manufactured order-bound.

Name: Copper-Nickel 70/30
EC-name: copper nickel
IUPAC Name: copper nickel
Chemical Formula: CuNi
CAS-No.: Cu 7440-50-8 Ni 7440-02-0
EC-No.: Cu 231-159-6 Ni 231-111-4
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EC-name: copper nickel

EC-No.: Cu 231-159-6 Ni 231-111-4

CAS-No.: Cu 7440-50-8 Ni 7440-02-0

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