Copper chromium 90/10, 95/5

CuCr 90/10, 95/5



Copper plus typ. impurities

Chromium 9.0-11.0% or 4.0-6.0%

The quality of CuCr with about 10% Cr equivalent to, unless otherwise agreed,  EN 1981: 2003 material number CM202E.

CuCr 95/5 with about 5% Cr can be manufactured by a similar specification.



Chromium Copper is a Copper master alloy which is typically used for the production of high-strength copper alloys. 

These alloys contain, in addition to the base metal copper usually in different proportions by weight (0.6-1.2%) chromium, and optionally zirconium.

They stand for their high strength, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity and are also used inter alia for welding electrodes, electrode holder for molds and in rolled form for connectors. They do not come up to  the values ​​and the outstanding properties of beryllium-copper alloys.



CuCr Comes strapped on pallets in plates of 15 kg with typ. Dimension of 45x200x2-3 cm. Alternatively, also 2-3 kg sheared pieces from plates are available in barrels.

In Addition also shear pieces up to ca. 2.5 cm edge length are offered.



Like all metals and alloys for melting one should keep CuCr stored dry.



Copper-chromium is usually made to order. Smaller amounts than 2-3 kg shearing pieces of plates in barrels are available at short notice usually

Name: Copper chromium 90/10, 95/5
IUPAC Name: copper chromium
Chemical Formula: Cu Cr
CAS-No.: Cu 7440-50-8 Cr 7440-47-3
EC-No.: Cu 231-159-6 Cr 231-157-5
Hazard statements:

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EC-No.: Cu 231-159-6 Cr 231-157-5

CAS-No.: Cu 7440-50-8 Cr 7440-47-3

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