Aluminum beryllium




AlBe is mostly available as an alloy with about 5% content of Beryllium and the balance as Aluminum.

The delivery forms range from ingots, different sheared pieces with various net weights up to special, manufactured granules.



Aluminum Beryllium is an aluminum master alloy in molten, solid form.

Typical applications are found especially in the Light Metal industry, e.g. in Aluminium Magnesium - and Magnesium alloys as well as in Magnesium recycling processes. Using few ppm of the element Be only by adding it as Aliminium Beryllium master alloy with abt. 5% Beryllium in recycling processes is helping the Light Metal Industry to manage well the safety of recycling Magnesium scrap.

Beryllium as such, especially as Aluminium Beryllium Master alloy, is playing in spite of their very limited usage in view of few ppm in alloys a major role to support the development in using more light metals especially in automotive applications and getting it recycled as well.




Wooden crates, fibre- or steel drums, big bags or individual packaging according to customer's requirements.



Storage in closed rooms.
Protect from moisture.



In general, AlBe5, even in small quantities, is always promptly available from local stock a Hamburg seaport.

Name: Aluminum Beryllium
EC-name: Aluminium Beryllium
Chemical Formula: AlBe
CAS-No.: Al 7429-90-5 Be 7440-41-7
EC-No.: Al 231-072-3 Be 231-150-7
Hazard statements:

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EC-name: Aluminium Beryllium

EC-No.: Al 231-072-3 Be 231-150-7

CAS-No.: Al 7429-90-5 Be 7440-41-7

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